How to Find Your Dream Startup Remote Job by Rodolphe Dutel

How to Find Your Dream Startup Remote Job


By Rodolphe Dutel, with a 30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy.

(This Guide was last updated in May 2017)


Hi, I'm Rodolphe - founder of Remotive. 

Since 2014, our content has received 1,000,000+ page views. 

The number one question all those visitors want to know the answer to is “How do I land a remote job?”

Here are some of the other questions that pop up frequently:

- There so many “remote jobs" websites out there. Where should I focus?

- What opportunities are there in my field of work?

- What am I doing? I'm sending out resumes with a wish and a prayer.

- Are the "pay for full use" websites I've come across worth it?

- I had a bad experience with remote work in the past. Where are those great remote jobs I keep hearing about?


Because I know how fantastic remote working is, I wanted to help.

That’s why I condensed everything I’d learned over 7 years into a bespoke 91-page guide.

But the guide doesn’t just contain everything I know. It has been examined, polished and improved by hundreds of comments from the Remotive Community.

If you are serious about going remote - remember, you’ll be competing with top-performing professionals in your field - reading this guide will help you up your game and embrace Remote Work


Why this Guide?

Here's my story:

In 2014, I was looking for a remote job.

I really wanted to join Buffer, a startup working 100% remotely.

Thing is, I didn’t know anyone who worked there, and I had zero startup experience.

So, I created a method to maximize my chances, and in March 2014, Buffer offered me a $98,000/year job!

Buffer’s co-founder loved it so much that he blogged about it - you’ll hear all about it in this eBook.


What's in it?

Here is the table of contents:

1) GOING REMOTE - What is remote work all about?

2) FINDING OPPORTUNITIES - Finding the best remote jobs

3) GETTING READY - Discovering your ‘Unfair Advantage’ as a Remote Worker

4) APPLYING REMOTELY - Logging unique applications that make you stand out

5) ACING INTERVIEWS - Interviewing remotely like a Pro

6) CASE STUDIES - 7 real-life interviews of remote workers!

7) REMOTIVE’S CHEAT-SHEET - Remote Worker’s Ultimate Checklist (incl. 100+ articles, videos)

What's included?

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Hi, I'm Rodolphe! 👋

I'm the founder of Remotive, a community of 25,000 remote workers. Previously Director of Operations at Buffer 🤗


Any other questions

Check out for more information and/or feel free to email me at hello (at) if you have any further questions!


"This guide was a game changer for me—and actually helped me land a remote job with Yonder. The section about how to prepare for remote interviews gave me the confidence I needed and provided me with actionable preparation steps for the interviewing process. It’s a must-read for every remote worker!"

Mindi, B2B Community Engagement based in IL, USA

"Rodolphe's book is easy to read and full of insightful actionable advice for those looking to land a remote job! I highly recommend it!" 

- Guilherme, Software Developer based in Sao Paulo, Brazil

"A step by step guide to get your remote job, useful even if you're remote already"

- Gianfranco, Software Developer based in Rome, Italy

"This is something you can use to stoke your fires and give you an edge'."

- Tristan, Freelancer based in Berlin, Germany

Will I receive something in the mail?

Nope! "How To Find Your Dream Remote Job" is a digital file :) You can download the PDF immediately after purchase. You can then read it on your computer, smartphone, tablet, or print it off!

30-day, 100% Money-Back Guarantee policy

If you really feel this guide doesn't help you, I'll be happy to reimburse you. Please email me with a comment and I’ll refund your money right away.

Some Numbers

 - 7 Chapters, 91 pages, and 22657 words.

- This Guide has been sold in 23 countries.

- 25 Remotive Community members reviewed it, making 500+ comments for improvements. 

- 300+ links to articles, videos, and books

About the Author

Rodolphe is the founder of Remotive - an online community (of 25,000+ people) dedicated to helping professionals become great remote workers. Previously, Rodolphe was's Director of Operations, and prior to that he worked at Google.