Remotive Bootcamp by Rodolphe Dutel

Remotive Bootcamp

It's the difference between "I almost got the job..." and "YES! I landed my remote job!"

Drop the commute... Go remote!

... No more getting stuck in traffic jams!
... No more getting interrupted at the office
...No more working set hours...

It's about time you find a remote job. 

I'm here to help, I'm on a mission:


I believe that tech employees:
- Shouldn't have to commute each and every day
- Should be able to live from the place that makes them the happiest.
- Could be able to have an ambitious career anywhere they wish to leave.

That's why Remotive Bootcamp is here to help you land a startup remote job.

About Remotive:

As of January 2019, 150+ students enrolled in Remotive Bootcamp. Our graduates went on to work at remote startups such as Buffer, Automattic, Scrapinghub...

Our private Slack Community has 1,100+ members. Remotive has been in business since 2014 and has 25,000+ subscribers.

Our Bootcamp covers everything you need to know to land a startup remote job.

Joining this Bootcamp gives you a complementary lifetime member of our Remotive Slack Community!

Testimonial on Remotive Slack :

[Remotive's] Slack Community was incredibly helpful for me for two reasons.
One, it encouraged me to keep my head up, be patient, be picky/choosy, and keep trying - but not just to keep trying aimlessly, but to try the well-proven things that worked for others. To chat with real people that had real stories (and real tips!) was incredibly beneficial.
Two, the Slack Community often allowed me to directly chat with the job poster and ask meaningful, yet casual questions. Establishing a warm and casual connection with the job poster proved helpful again and again for landing interviews."
  - Paul Tucker, Kansas City, MO 

Testimonial on Remotive Bootcamp:

"Remotive Bootcamp has already done all the homework for you. Why waste time figuring out the process for yourself and learning the hard way?" - Emily, doing Customer Success based in California

"The Bootcamp and The Slack community are absolutely essential for my success. I'd recommend it to EVERYONE who considers pursuing a remote job" -Sanja, doing Front-End Engineering in Dublin

"Thank you Rodolphe everything you taught in the Bootcamp, it made the difference for me to get the job. I've used those tools and applied the techniques learned, and it worked out!" - Luis, doing Software Engineering in Brazil

Read up on Emily, Sanja and Luis experience here - they will tell you all about why they decided to join Remotive Bootcamp and how they landed their Remote Job!

Who else is excited about Remotive?
Those cool people!
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What's included?

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12 mins
Transcript & Notes - Introduction - Remotive Bootcamp
2.13 MB
Emily & Sanja's Remotive Bootcamp Testimonial 2019
Module 1 - Finding opportunities
1.1 Remote Job Boards & Free vs. Paid Sites
20 mins
1.2. Surprising ways to find more opportunities
16 mins
1.3 What it takes - and Avoiding Scams
18 mins
Module 1 Check-list - Remotive Bootcamp
900+ Startups hiring Remotely in 2019
Transcript & Notes of Module 1 - Finding opportunities - Remotive Bootcamp
1.23 MB
Module 2 - Getting ready to apply!
2.1 Becoming an Expert in your field
19 mins
2.2 Creating Your Portfolio
17 mins
2.3 Reverse Engineer Your Job Search
14 mins
Module 2 Check-list - Remotive Bootcamp
Transcript & Notes of Module 2 - Getting Ready to Apply - Remotive Bootcamp
1.51 MB
Module 3 - Applying remotely
3.1 Advanced Networking
20 mins
3.2 How will I apply?
43 mins
[DEMO] Zapier Marketing Application
19 mins
Transcript & Notes of Module 3 - Applying Remotely - Remotive Bootcamp
692 KB
Module 3 Checklist - Remotive Bootcamp
Module 4 - Acing Remote Interviews
4.1 Before Your Interview
28 mins
4.2 During Your Interview
17 mins
4.3 After Your Interview
14 mins
Transcript & Notes of Module 4 - Acing Remote Interviews - Remotive Bootcamp
679 KB
Module 4 Checklist - Remotive Bootcamp
BONUS Material
38 mins
[INTERVIEW] Deb, HR Specialist at
18 mins
[INTERVIEW] Evelin, HR Manager at
26 mins
[INTERVIEW] Allan, COO at Doist, "How Doist Recruits"
24 mins
The Secret To Landing A Remote Startup Job
591 KB
Remotive Bootcamp - 7 Case Studies
6.6 MB
YouTube MBA
Remotive's Cheat Sheet 2019
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Hi, I'm Rodolphe! 👋

I'm the founder of Remotive, a community of 25,000 remote workers. Previously Director of Operations at Buffer 🤗